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Oak Flat land Exchange Still in Play! Help Needed Now!


Senator Reid has put  the Oak Flat land exchange (S 409) back in play.  So much for flying high over the weekend!  This morning, Senator Reid put a whole list of bills that had passed the Energy Committee out for an en banc vote under unanimous consent and then added another batch of bills that included the Oak Flat land exchange also for an en banc unanimous consent vote.

What this means is that if we can get one Senator to object to S 409 being added to the package or to put a hold on the bill, we can kill its inclusion under unanimous consent.  However, this needs to happen today or tomorrow morning at the earliest.

So, this is a last ditch plea to ask you to call any Senators you know and ask them to object to S 409 going to the Senate floor under unanimous consent. 

Should we fail to block the bill in the Senate, we may be able to head it off in the House, but that’s a harder fight.

With your help, we can still stop the land exchange, but call today!


On Friday afternoon, Senator Reid introduced his omnibus public lands bill.  The bill DID NOT include the Oak Flat land exchange.  This was due to pressure both from the grassroots and from our friends in the House.  

However, this huge accomplishment was short lived.  This morning (Monday), Senator Reid included S 409, the Oak Flat land exchange in a package that he's asked the Senate to pass under unanimous consent.  We are not sure of Senator Reid's motives to help us on Friday, but stick it to Oak Flat on Monday, but if we can find one Senator to object, we should be able to stop the bill again.

Please do what you can to contact Senators to just say no to this handout to billion dollar foreign mining companies.


S409 Sen. Reid

Senator Reid is nothing more than a land pirate and has been for over 25 years that I can prove.  He is with large land developers for $$$$ profit only...He is connected back before the Red Rock, Nevada land swap deal (scandal),  at that time Cong. Bilbray had to resign.  He is working on scandals in Laughlin, Nev. as we speak.  He has made millions off our public lands.

Dr. Radut | simplenews