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The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition is comprised of Arizona groups and individuals that work to ensure that responsible mining contributes to healthy communities, a healthy environment, and, when all costs are factored in, is a net benefit to Arizona. The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition expects the mining industry to clean up after itself, comply fully with the spirit of safeguards in place to protect Arizona, and to interact in a transparent and open manner with Arizona citizens.

Oak Flat Land Exchange Double Threat

Gaan Canyon VegetationGaan Canyon VegetationYour action is needed now to stop a serious attempt by Rio Tinto and their allies in the US House and Senate from moving HR 2509 and S 409. In the Senate, Energy & Natural Resource Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman and Arizona Senator John McCain are trying to work out a compromise bill. In the House, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick is attempting to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move HR 2509.

In the House, please contact Representative Ann Kirkpatrick and remind her why HR 2509 is a bad idea.  Also contact House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and tell her why HR 2509 is special interest legislation that gives a huge subsidy to foreign mining companies that already make billions of dollars in profits every year.

In the Senate, please contact Senator McCain and Senator Bingaman and tell them "no backroom deals." Senator McCain has bullied Senator Bingaman to the point that he is willing to compromise, but he needs to stick to his guns to protect the land, religious freedom, and the normal process we use to permit mines.

1872 Mining Law Reform

In January, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall (D-WV) introduced the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2009, HR 699. The bill is the same bill that passed the House of Representatives on November 1, 2007.Reform is needed to stop irresponsible minesReform is needed to stop irresponsible minesThis bill would be a huge help not only to our environmental and our communities, but would help our western economy as well. View a fact sheet about this bill prepared by EARTHWORKS, one of our Coalition member groups. The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition supports the passage of this bill.

On April 2, S. 796, the Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2009, was introduced in the US Senate by Senator Bingaman (D-NM). This bill does not go nearly as far to protect our public lands as the House version and the Coalition, while recognizing that the bill is a huge improvement does not support the bill. View the Coalition's fact sheet on S. 796.

A hearing on S 796 and S 140 (View the Coalition's fact sheet on S. 140), a mine reclamation bill intoduced by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) was held on July 14 in front of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. View the written testimony submitted by the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition for the hearing record.

No Action on No Action

Save the Scenic Santa RitasSave the Scenic Santa RitasThe Coronado National Forest announced recently that they will not consider a "no action" alternative in writing the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Rosemont mine. The draft, expected out late this year, should include a robust no action alternative that lays out clearly the current status quo in the Santa Rita mountains and what would be lost if a mine were approved.

Congresswoman Giffords and Congressman Grijalva, our southern Arizona Congressional Representatives, have written a letter to the Forest Service expressing their dismay for this decision and urging the Coronado National Forest to reconsider. View a copy of the letter.

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